Aligning Your MSP Value Proposition to Sell Security First

Home Business Growth Aligning Your MSP Value Proposition to Sell Security First

Selling IT security, one of the major challenges faced by managed services providers (MSPs) is changing the mind set of small- and medium-sized business (SMB) owners. With massive breaches hogging news headlines today, security is hard to ignore—yet many SMBs choose to do so because they don’t realize how “at risk” they may be.

Generally, small businesses assume they’re already protected from cyber attacks. With basic protections like anti-virus and firewall, they should be completely covered, right? Wrong.

Cybercriminals and their attacks have grown more sophisticated in recent years, innovating their attempts to evade basic protections and legacy solutions that most SMBs rely on. What’s more, cybercriminals recognize that this is a vulnerability and continuously look to exploit it.

Build Trust

An SMB won’t put their business in the hands of someone they do not trust. Therefore, it’s important to present your services—and your relationship—in a way that establishes and builds trust.

This all starts with transparency. Provide peace of mind by keeping clients updated on major vulnerabilities and help them deploy an effective and secure plan of action. Also, discuss how you’re committed to keeping lines of communication open with your clients and meeting with them on a regular basis. You can even give examples as to how you’ve helped mitigate active threats for clients that are similar to them.

Let’s look at one example, with the business benefit being a more comprehensive security strategy. You could say something along the lines of:

“How do you fight an infection you may not even know you have? Your business needs to be able to address infections that aren’t as blatant as ransomware—ones that are instead getting increasingly stealthy and evasive. Your security strategy needs to adapt, and the best answer is to partner with us.

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