IT Asset Management

Tracking all assets with IT asset management software, including physical location of hardware.


Our IT Asset Management Services

Star Technology Services offer software and hardware inventory management solutions designed to help you make informed and strategic decisions regarding your IT operations.

Our ITAM services are customized to manage your assets throughout their full lifecycles, from procurement through usage and eventual disposition.

With a proper IT asset management plan in place, you’ll be able to:

  • Efficiently source out hardware and software according to your need
  • Gain leverage in negotiation with bulk purchasing
  • Maximize the value of your equipment to your organization
  • Ensure that best practices are followed in managing IT asset
  • Avoid costly licensing issues
  • Take full advantage of warranties and vendor responsibilities
  • Make strategic decisions concerning your assets, knowing when to hold on to assets and when to dispose of them.


IT Asset Management Process

The IT asset management process involves several phases, taking care of your hardware and software from start to finish.

Some of the steps our IT asset management solutions include:

Procurement. We believe in providing maximum value to our clients without pushing one vendor over another due to preferred ties. This provides flexibility in the procurement options available for your hardware and software.


As part of our procurement process we’ll:

  • Help you source out your IT assets in a way that makes sense for your business, not ours. Our goal is to help you select a vendor and locate the necessary tools to support your business in a cost-effective and value-added manner.
  • Negotiate on your behalf and acquire necessary approvals for the purchase phase.
  • Receive hardware and software and make ready for deployment.


Deployment. Once the assets have been sourced and purchased, we’ll begin the deployment phase to implement and make them operational. This phase consists of:

  • Tracking all assets with IT asset management software, including physical location of hardware
  • Determining who is responsible for assets
  • Keeping track of vendor information as it pertains to hardware, specifically regarding warranties
  • Maintaining an asset management database


Maintenance. The main phase of your IT assets’ lifecycle, the maintenance phase is where the hardware and software are in operational use. Asset management is crucial at this stage, especially when modifying or adding a component to an existing asset.

During the usage phase of your ITAM plan, we will:

  • Provide care and repair for assets, replacing components and updating asset info when needed
  • Determine which assets still have value to the organization and those which are underutilized
  • Help you to make appropriate decisions regarding asset usage
  • Determine when upgrades are required or if some assets should be marked for disposition


Disposition. At some point, your assets will reach the end of their operational lifecycles. Knowing when to move to this phase is another critical aspect of ITAM, as it gives you the insight to make this type of informed decision.

It’s a common practice for companies to want to hold on to existing assets for as long as possible. However, while it may appear to represent cost savings, lost productivity due to a combination of age and an increase in failures may end up costing you more in the long run.

By tracking your assets over their lifespan, we will be able to help you determine the value of your assets and determine when the optimum time for disposition is.

Disposition methods can vary between selling your used assets and recycling them. Which one you select will depend on the inherent value of your hardware.

IT asset management is about maximizing the value of your technology to your company, and Resolute has the skills and expertise to help guide you through the process.

Our IT Asset Management Services. We’ll proactively monitor every aspect of your business’s technology to prevent problems from cropping up in the first place.


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