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Helpful Server Maintenance Tips

Guide To Server Maintenance

Servers keep your business IT systems running smoothly. Like most business equipment, however, they require regular maintenance in order to keep running in top shape. This is doubly important as servers can hold sensitive information and thus should never be left neglected and thereby exposed to hackers.

Here are a few tips to keep your servers running smoothly and efficiently:

Backup Frequently

If you’re planning on doing some server maintenance yourself (and even if you aren’t), it’s always wise to create a backup before doing any work. It can be easy to forget to regularly create backups in the event of server problems, so take advantage of scheduled backups or mark it on your calendar so you don’t forget. Data retrieval can be difficult or impossible, so don’t risk losing data. If you do require data retrieval, Star Technology Services IT can help you get it back.

Keep up with Updates

Your OS, Control Panel, and applications should always be updated as soon as possible. Not only can proper updating habits enhance the functionality of your servers, but many patches include security updates designed to better protect your servers from being compromised by hackers. Furthermore, many CMS and open source applications such as WordPress may not function properly (especially if you’re running multiple plugins and themes) if you aren’t performing regular updates.

Maintain Server Security

Protecting your servers from within your organization is just as important as protecting from without. If your business has had multiple staff changes, there is always a risk of employees accessing data that they shouldn’t be privy to. By removing user accounts and changing passwords at least once or twice a year, you can help ensure that only those who ought to be accessing sensitive data have access and no one else.



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