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Industries we serve include retail, manufacturing, health care, automotive, education, financial, legal and political, among others.

Market Mentors serves businesses all over New England, providing marketing strategies, communications and creative expertise. We work with business owners, representatives and their marketing personnel, providing services and creative. Whatever you need, we get it done. 


Auto groups, take heart. From market planning and legwork to direct media campaigns and the creative vehicles to capture audience attention, we help you move inventory. We understand the nature of your industry, its rhythms, demands and how to make the most of your ad dollars and bring customers to the showroom.



No two clients are alike. We work with financial planners, CPAs, business and retail bankers and credit unions to develop the strategies to reach more business customers or qualified individual prospects. Whether you need a corporate social responsibility plan to better position your business in the market, or a practiced hand at SEO, you have come to the right place.



We’ve partnered with public, parochial, charter, trade and private schools, colleges and universities. Whether you need to increase enrollment, promote fundraising initiatives, strengthen your brand or enhance your profile, you’ll find us at the head of the class.



Making the case for greener energy initiatives is something we’re proud to partner with our energy clients to achieve. We specialize in energy sector communications on the generation, demand and distribution fronts, including CHP, LED, smart cities, electric vehicles, solar power, battery technology and more. From energy audits to solutions, we are a strategic partner who can help bring the right customers to your door with powerful strategies including dynamic branding, earned media, case studies, inbound marketing and a strong online presence.



We help hospitals and health systems, medical practices, eldercare and home health agencies, and media-savvy doctors and care providers who are all keenly aware of the competition for health care consumers. We’ll help you reach your target customers via marketing plans and campaigns that maximize your media budget and build brand trust and loyalty.



Case studies, trade shows, blogs, whitepapers, testimonials, articles, crisis management—let us count the ways our team works for our manufacturing and industrial clients. You have a story to tell, a solution to your customer’s problem. We have their number. Let’s talk.



We partner with our insurance clients on their collateral, promotion and digital footprint to build their client base and solidify a presence in the market. When it comes to marketing strategies for the insurance industry, we have more examples than we have room to share them.


Want to drive leads? Put your name in front of prospects and maintain a public profile that builds name recognition and your brand. Our legal clients are among the most prestigious in the markets they serve, and we make sure that’s exactly how they are portrayed.



The variety of non-profit concerns we serve are close to our hearts. We are experienced in this realm, assisting with strategies to improve exposure, events that draw participants, and messages that connect with media and your target audience. Let us help you reach your goals.



We are proud to assist those who seek to serve our communities. Our clients have relied on this experienced team at every level of the campaign, from strategies, communications and logistics to commercials, media buying, social media and event coordination.



You have a product or service and we know how to promote it to drive sales. Thinking online campaign? Improving SEO? A TV commercial? Direct? A promotion? Content marketing? There are a lot of places to put your ad dollars; we will help you to know which ones are right for you.



Our roots are in the service industry. Customer service is everything. We know what drives you. Your prospects have a need that you can fill; a problem you can solve. You just have to find a way to reach them. First step: call Market Mentors.



Want to make a splash? Compete for entertainment dollars? We have market insights and a media road map in hand as well as the media planning savvy and execution to reach the right folks in the right place with the right message. Event production, design services, media coverage, social outreach—the ideas are here.