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Expert IT services for the Non-profit Industry

Star Technology Services provides strategic services to help nonprofit organizations stay up to date as technology evolves. Our experience as a nonprofit organization that serves, exclusively, other nonprofits makes us uniquely qualified to offer cloud planning, IT planning and IT leadership services.

  • Cloud Solutions -All the applications you need to carry out your mission-critical activities.
  • Analytics - Gain valuable insights and data about your non-profit's performance.
  • 24/7 Tech Support - Our technicians are always available to provide the support you need.
  • Network Security - Rest easy knowing your organization’s data is in safe hands.

All of these initiatives are designed and implemented by Star Technology. We aim to continue being a local and trusted partner to the non profits and churches that we support. We are blessed that they have chosen us to provide their technology services and strive to provide them with the commitment they deserve!

Partnering with Innvoke gives you the power to meet and exceed your fundraising goals. Our team will take care of your technology, so you can focus on other strategic activities.

Recommended Solutions

Managed Office 365

Complies with industry-standard regulations and is designed to help you meet regulatory requirements.

Internet Access

Reliable, high-speed connectivity to support a growing use of technology in the classroom.

Managed Firewall

Provides a high level of protection against network threats, and uses content filtering to ensure CIPA compliance.


Seamlessly connect all locations with flexible dialing plans, free calls between sites, and much more.

Unified Communications

Hosted in the cloud and allows you to monitor and preserve communications

Additional MSx Solutions

Outsource or augment your existing IT staff with managed IT solutions including managed LAN, workstations, servers, and backup.


Example industry sectors we service include:

Religious Organizations
Recovery Facilities
Health Care Organizations

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  • 24/7 Help desk support
  • Proactive monitoring and alerting of all critical systems
  • Advanced IT security protection

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